Rooibos Extracts

Health and Beauty
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Online shop built to represent South African Rooibos products on the EU market. Bio-active rooibos skin-care and Bos Ice Tea products can be added to AJAX cart and Wish list. It allows users to add a product to their cart without leaving the current page. The cart and wish list will appear on the top side of the page. The implemented AJAX  technology allows filtering and sorting products without page reload. Significant improvement for Google ranking and shoppers' page loading time. Instagram integration has become one of the most important marketing channels these days. For the shop owner is important to leverage the brand's Instagram traffic and showing influencers' photos on the online store site.

“Using green Rooibos extract was found to be effective in limiting cell damage caused by environmental factors, even in precancerous skin cells.”

Dr. Tandeka Mgcwebeba